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    BlackBerry Push Service Available For All Developers

    During the BlackBerry Developer Conference last November RIM announced that they would be offering their BlackBerry Push Service to all developers in the BlackBerry Alliance Program, including those registered in the new free tier of the Alliance Program. Well it looks like RIM has made good on their promise and has just announced the opening of the BlackBerry Push Service on the BlackBerry Developer's Blog.

    The BlackBerry Push Service is available in 2 flavors.

    • BlackBerry Push Essentials
      • Free service to all Alliance Program members, including those registered in the free tier of the Alliance Program.
      • This is the basic version that sends one way push messages to the end user's device.

    • BlackBerry Push Plus
      • Annual service fee, tiered based on the number of pushes sent per day.
      • No yearly fee for services with less than 100,000 pushes per day.
      • This is the premium version that includes extra features like push message status tracking and delivery confirmation.

    Now that application developers and companies of any size and budget have access to RIM's solid and robust push infrastructure what does this mean to the average BlackBerry user? In short it means your device battery life may improve as developers now have an affordable alternative to the potentially battery draining periodic polling of web servers for new data.

    On a personal note, I've been working with the Push Essentials version of the Push Service for the last few weeks as a tester and I can tell you it works fantastically well. All push messages were delivered to devices within 2 seconds of requesting the push message be sent.

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    I hope I wont need BIS to get these push services.....

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