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    BlackBerry 8930 Possibly On It's Way Too?

    We already know that the 8910 is making it's way through the FCC and will be launched in North America on GSM carriers. This is also evident by the fact that T-Mobile has de-listed the 8320 and 8900 from their web site recently. But there are rumors that there may also be an 8930 as well for CDMA carriers. I could definitely see the 89xx model replacing the the current 8330 series which CDMA carriers still sell. It would certainly give those on a CDMA carrier plenty of choice between the Tour and Curve 8530. The strongest evidence we've seen that the 8930 exists is a listing for it in MobiHand (spotted by CrackBerry). The 8930 would certainly round out the BlackBerry offerings from CDMA carriers and be quite similar to what T-Mobile and AT&T, with the exception of the Storm of course.

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    cool beings. your right about t-mobile not having the 8320 & 8900 on there website, but a new smaller blackberry awesome. will it be 3G like the 9700?

    this phone seems like a good hit. the 8320 & 8900 is one of the most sold smartphone. and now with an updated version man im going back to a curve as that was my first berry 8320. sure do miss it
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