While we are all waiting for e.g. an official download/installer for the Storm OS here are some RIM patent news in-between. To the left, you see some sketches of a device, that looks a bit antique for sure. Yet, RIM has just re-issued the patent claims behind it (so it is an older one for sure): real hardware supported fingerprint identification for your berry! Well aware of purely software enabled apps, such as the FBI finger print scanner or PhoneLock, RIM now seems to be getting quite serious about this method of ultimately satisfying your desire for security. Can this be for real, could it be fast enough, not to slow down any immediate action - e.g. answering the phone?

What else? Just take a look at the right part of the picture. A more low cost berry with a traditional keypad - maybe a new Pearl series - could be drawn here. Some 12-14 keys, just enough to make it a 0-9 device. Will this new market really attract new customers? Would you go for it? What are you're thoughts?