With the few specs of the ipad 2 that have leaked the playbook still wins. Even apple fans know flash is not imaginary. It still exist and is really needed to have the full web experience. I'm getting kind of upset at Mike for not giving any solid information about the qnx devices on the smart phone end. I understand that Mike is doing promos for the Playboook but every interviewer is asking about when will this happen with BlackBerry phones. He is just not giving answers that we need to hear. Also I feel like RIM is working a bit backwards. RIM should have started working on new smart phones instead of an tablet 1st. I would think that people would buy more QNX phones than playbooks. Also RIM has been down on specs for a while and #TeamBlackBerry users have been patient waiting on the perfect RIM device. He should have corrected the smart phone problem first before developing a Playbook IMO. A year later with OS 5 and it's still bugs. I do have a feeling RIM will try to release a Storm 3 with OS 6. If that happens I do not see my self buying a storm 3. I will probably buy an iphone even though I'm not an apple fan.