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    Google Phasing out Gears In Place Of HTML5

    This seems to be a pretty hot topic right now. It would appear there is strong evidence of Google phasing out Gears. Gears is software that enables more powerful web applications, by adding new features to your web browser. But HTML5 which has adapted many similar features as Gears is gaining more support each and every month. Truthfully this is actually a better thing for everybody as HTML5 is more universally accepted.

    Recently in a LA Times article, Mike Milian wrote an article about the lack on Gears in Chrome for Mac. A spokesman from Google responded to the article by saying:

    "We are excited that much of the technology in Gears, including offline support and geolocation APIs, are being incorporated into the HTML5 spec as an open standard supported across browsers, and see that as the logical next step for developers looking to include these features in their websites."

    This is all really interesting considering the Gears integration into the newest BlackBerry devices being pushed by RIM. We talked about this a couple times in the past on the Web Show. Pretty much it seems there isn't any Gears widgets that currently exist for BlackBerry. So it doesn't seem like that big of a loss. But what will RIM do now? But this lends hope that the recent acquisition of Torch Mobile means RIM is pressing the developers for HTML5 support in the WebKit based browser.
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