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    RIM - When the lights go out!

    At the BlackBerry DevCon, it is business during the day but at night it is a totally different story. BerryReview posted up a video of one of the many "after dark 'seminars'". However, here are some of the other 'seminars' that we "enjoyed". Apparently RIM is making it seem like they can set up the best parties compared to others. Check out some of these videos, I am sure you will guys will want to be there next year.

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    Ummmmmmm. Well then. So does this remind anyone else of Cirque Du Soleil? Only these videos are boring. I mean it's quite interesting that RIM would have these performances but 3 minutes of a guy whipping? I don't know but it looked pretty dull. Though it's kind of nice to see RIM doing something more creative and different.

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    there's a guy in that video? I spent the time watching the ladies

    last year they only set up Wii's and had a lame Guitar Hero tournament so it was dull at the last Dev Con
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