I can recieve bbm messages but can not send
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Thread: I can recieve bbm messages but can not send

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    I can recieve bbm messages but can not send

    Hi, need someone's assistance/help please. My phone was working fine, then suddenly I couldn't send messages but sometimes I would receive status updates and messages. I have restarted the phone, removed battery, removed sim card, updated the software, did all updates and still nothing. I tried to go through options and setting in case there is something that enables me from sending messages, but couldn't find anything relevant. sounds familiar? let me know

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    Is this only affecting BBM? BBM has been going through some changes recently and users have been affected periodically. If it doesn't clear up on it's own, try deleting BBM, pull your battery and reinstall. Post back!
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    Im facing a similar prob. All of a sudden bbm msgs cant b sent to some contacts i can receive em from everyone though. Have tried reboots, security wipes, battery pulls, everything. Yet its just bbm thats not workin. Everything else works perfectly.

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    Can someone help pls.

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