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    9300 scroll button stopped working

    Hi, my daughter's 9300 curve started to have intermittent problems with the centre button freezing. Initially for a couple of weeks, re-booting sorted this. Then the phone started re-booting itself - each time the button would work for a few seconds then freeze. Having backed it up, I have wiped the phone using BBSAK and re-installed 6.0.0 (bundle 2949) using blackberry desktop (twice).
    Now the button doesn't work at all and I can't think what else to try. Does it sound like a hardware problem? Any suggestions before I take it to a shop (or replace it).
    Update - after a night's sleep. The phone is still locking and rebooting constantly - followed the 'how to recover a nuked blackberry' instructions, i am able to interrupt the rebooting, but as soon as the re-install is complete, it locks and starts rebooting again. All happens too quickly to get to the security wipe option.
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    Wow! It sounds frustrating for you and it's probably very frustrating for her. My daughters would fall apart if they were without their phone for more than 10 minutes!

    It sounds like you have done all the regular fixes plus some in trying to resolve this. Unless somebody else can follow up with some advice, I'm personally at a loss. The idea of taking it in for a repair sounds like a good option and hopefully you have it insured through your carrier and they can replace it.

    *If it's not insured and money is tight, I happen to have a few great BlackBerry's laying around. If she happens to be on the Sprint network I'll send you one.
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