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    3rd Party Backup Help

    I am following the directions on how to backup the apps, but I cannot find my PIN folder on my computer. Is that normal? When I do a search it doesn't come up with anything. I'm on Vista. I liked how XP and previous windows versions search worked.

    Am I doing something wrong with the Vista search?

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    caminator, i found that the easiest way for me is to go to:


    otherwise you can:
    1) Click Start Circle
    2) Click on Help & Support
    3) Enter "Search Folder"
    4) Click on "Find a file or folder"
    5) Click on "To find a file or folder using the Search folder"
    6) Click on "Click to open search"
    7) Click on the expand arrow next to "Advanced Search"
    8) Click on "Location" and use Local Disk C: (usually!)
    9) Enter the PIN of your BB under "Name"
    10) Make sure the box is checked next to "Include non-indexed, hidden, and system files"

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    nevermind..i found a way to check the hiden files and then it came up. Mods please delete.

    PS. Thanks Laney...Thats the easiest way.

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    Thread moved

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    When I back up third party apps, I usually go to Start > Run, and type %temp% to get to the folder location they get saved to. It's a lot easier than searching for the folder with your PIN.

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