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    Problem with hookt app

    I was using the hookt app on my blackberry torch so that if I was logged out of yahoo messenger ppl could still send me messages & they would come thru as texts. Suddenly yesterday I got a message that I was signed out of ym & that I had to click reply & put in my ym password. Well u can't click reply when the text screen is open so I went back, hit reply, reopened the message & sent my password but I got a message back saying they didn't understand my message & to try again. I uninstalled hookt & reinstalled it again, took my battery out to reset my phone but nothing has worked. This happened once before but I can't remember how it was fixed. I called Rogers tech support but they were useless coz they know nothing about the apps. If anyone has had a similar problem & knows how to fix it please let me know coz it is a really important tool for me. Thank u.

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    OS 10.3.2
    Have you updated the app? It seems there was a recent update on BlackBerry World.
    Thanks for visiting and enjoy using your BlackBerry!
    Please my post if it has helped you. Much appreciated!

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