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    Blackberry 9300

    Unhappy Blackberry 9300 keeps rebooting and I would like to chuck it at the wall

    Hello everyone it's my son's Blackberry 9300 the phone is rebooting

    I have vista and Blackberry Desktop Software 7

    I have tried repair on Blackberry desktop software, but it sticks on connect to JVM, I have tried with the battery out and puting the battery in on that bit.

    I have tried application loader, it gives me my pin, then after next says Blackberry Desktop software does not have balckberry device software for the device that you connected??

    I have tried using BBSAK to try clean install but BBSAK does not recognise my phone.

    I have just tried using Command prompt to miss out JVM but brings up the message Blackberry desktop software does not have the blackberry .......

    Is there anything else I can do before I give in and take it to a shop???

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    Blackberry 9300
    Right I've got a little further I think did application loader keep sticking on a bit just keep clicking retry, and its finished but with the message "The following modules could not be loaded because their digital signals are invalid"


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    Make sure that you right click on the loader.exe and select, Run As Administrator.

    Give that a try.

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