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Yes, you just need to delete the vendor xml file as laid out in our device upgrade guide...All In One Guide - How To Upgrade Your Device - with Pictures & Videos
Thank you Joe, for adding that info.

It was very late when I posted my first response, so I apologize to isaacng88.

There is another option to save additional application memory for your BlackBerry Bold 9000 device, isaacng88 , read thread BBH-Tool v2.4.9.5

I have personally used the BBH-Tool, when used correctly, it can save you quite a bit of application memory, and so much more.

This option above, is to be used with caution, if not used properly, can potentially brick your BlackBerry Bold 9000 device, so I highly suggest you backup your device with BlackBerry Desktop Software .

I hope this may solve your issue of internal device memory for your BlackBerry Bold 9000 device.

Thank you.