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    I just talked to my IT guy who runs our BES. So the BES looks at your PIN. If this is the case then 1 BES account to one device. I'm trying to get my head around how the BES would know first off your device is cradled secondly how the BES would route the mail when it knows the device is cradled. I know what you asking the server/device to do as far as recognizing the difference in your status. I'm just not sure that it can be done. It seem to me that you are either going to receive the mail or your not.

    Sorry...but that's all I got. I will ask others for their opinions on your situation.

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    Thanks for asking around.

    It's just that I noticed (when I mistakenly had BES installed in DM without using BES on the phone) that there was a checkbox to not forward emails when connected to the PC (in the cradle).

    But if there is a rule of one BES account per BB, then it wouldn't work anyway.

    Hmmm.... I saw a program recently that changes your sound profiles based on system time. I wonder if there is something similar for retrieving emails only between certain hours?

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