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    Unhappy Wifi issue with Bold 9650

    i have a 9650 and the wifi want work or works slowly. my OS v6.0.0.436 the carrier is U.S. Cellular . the wifi connects but when you try to use the browser it want connect or it is very slow to work its like it hangs in one spot for a while. the best that i can tell from crackberry is this is a on going problem for the 9650. I have taken it back to a company store with a tect and he said they didn't have wifi in the store so he couldn't help me.

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    Hello Jerry, I have the 9650 as well, but with Verizon. I'm running OS which is the latest release for the device and my WiFi seems to be running fine. I would recommend updating to this OS before you decide to try anything with the hardware. You may see a result.

    You can download the OS from here... 9650_6.0.0.524 - Downloads - BlackBerry Forums

    For upgrading, see our online installation guide here... All In One Guide - How To Upgrade Your Device - with Pictures & Videos

    Let us know how the update goes and if you need further assistance.

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    As Joe stated above. Wifi heavily relies on the WiFi COD(s) (net_rim_api_wlan_hotspot)

    If you experience any problems with regards to WiFi connectivity, it is advisable to upgrade to the OS which Joe is using as stated above since he is experiencing no problems.

    Again, this is in no way a guarantee that it will work in your scenario as there are many aspects that pertain to WiFi connectivity. But this is the first step from your side. If that does not work. I will be more than happy to try and assist you resolving this issue.

    Good luck and keep us updated with your next course of action

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