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    Quote Originally Posted by icyworld9 View Post
    pls i'm having problems getting where to download the os for a blackberry bold 9650, and also the same phone is displaying error code 523, pls what should i do?
    All the OS's are in the Download Tab above & I would wipe the phone and start from scratch. Follow the All In One Help Guide.

    Quote Originally Posted by jazzgotti View Post
    I have a problem. I tried upgrade my bbb 9700 to os 6 and it keeps stoping on "net_rim_bb_phone_resources.cod" and it dont move any further. i tried a number of times. i left it for a almost a day. i also tried other OS and all seem to freeze at the same point. can any one help
    I would follow the same advice by following the All In One Thread...If you need further help, you are welcome to start a new thread with any additional details you have.
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