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    BES and calendar sync (multi issues)

    So I’m having some syncing questions, and heres’ a little background and this is what I want to do:

    I’m currently on BES from my work, but I have complete control, as I’m the BES admin. I don’t have much any knowledge of how to run it, but I’m the admin none-the-less. I also have quite a few emails pushed through BIS.

    My calendar syncs just fine, but I’d like to get a second Outlook calendar synced. I’ve seen where people have said that its possible, but I haven’t been able to get it to work they way they are saying. Through BES its shows “Desktop” as CICAL, the calendar sync choice. My calendar is titled “Calendar”, I also have a “Schedule” calendar that I use to track hours of field crews that I’d like to have synced. I know I could just add both of them to the “Calendar” and have them sync, but that defeats the purpose. I want to be able to see them in different colors and to turn off 1 of the calendars whenever I want.

    ALSO, I have a Gmail calendar that I’d like to do the same thing with. Now, here it’s a little different since it doesn’t sync through BES. I have the Google Sync app that syncs my gmail calendar(s) to my BB, and in turn with BES, it syncs to my Outlook. It does keep track, at least internally, of the different calendars. I know this because when I sign out of the app it removes the entries that it synced. The problem is that in the BB Calendar, it shows them as “Desktop” entries, not Gmail.

    This is also something that I don’t quite understand. Listed under the BB Calendars is a calendar for each email addresses that I have. Why doesn’t my Gmail calendar sync? I want that to be able to sync too, with the ability to choose not to show it.

    IF any of that made sense, and you know how I can get it done, please post up.

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    Hey rdaroho,
    Missed this thread guy.
    I've thought about this some so don't take this the wrong way. I'm looking at things from a simplified point of view only because I don't tend to use that many calendar situations.

    The BlackBerry alone may not understand that type of convoluted mindset and that's not a bad thing. You are looking outside the box and I can understand how you want something to work in a particular way.

    Have you thought about looking into an application that may be able to bring all that together for you? Outside of all the free apps that you may have used before.

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