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    I wouldn't recommend GoDaddy's service to anyone. Because of price I have tried 3 times to switch to their Outlook + Mobile plan for $9.99 and I don't think any time has lasted longer than a couple of weeks.

    The first two times I switched to them I had issues with GoDaddy's system clearing out my old MX records. Although they were gone from the domain manager (the part I have control over) they never fully purged from GoDaddy's side, so for weeks I had two priority 0 MX records. It took me about 2 weeks to figure out what was going on. I suspect that a person that knows more than me would have done an MX record lookup right away, but since I saw no issues with the MX records in the domain manager, it didn't dawn on me for a long time that the problem might lie there.

    The third and final time was just this week. Calendar and Contacts sync'd just fine (I rarely use tasks/notes) but email was a different story. Email would be pushed to the device without a problem. Mail read/deleted/replied to on my device would show up on Outlook in the same state, however, anything I read or deleted on my computer would remain unread in my BES inbox on the BlackBerry. There was absolutely no sync between PC and device, only between device and PC.

    I tried resending service books, turning wireless reconcile on and off, running activation again, deleting and then re-adding my device to the account...none of which solved the problem.

    So I remain convinced that GoDaddy is not a reliable provider of BES services. Also, their customer service agents are clueless when it comes to BES matters.

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    I use Go Daddy UNFORTUNATELY. I have had them for over a year and I would not advise anyone to use Go Daddy for Exchange Blackberry services. Their tech support personel are useless and know NOTHING about BES or Exchange servers. E-mail takes 30 minutes after landing on their Exchange server before I see it on my Blackberry. Their servers malfunction and are S L O W and the worst thing is that no one can help you. I set up a new device, entered the pin then invoked "activate" which should send an activation password E-mail, which never happened. My device was unusable for a solid week before their tech support people did anything about their downed server. What was worse was that it almost took an act of congress to get the phone support nimbas to understand that the issue was that their server was DOWN. My service is 30 minutes to update my mobile device for E-mail or contacts or calendar and will never get fixed and there is NO ONE to go to at Go Daddy. I am not sure who this guy is that responded from Go Daddy as he sounds like he cares, but believe me, you will never get that guy (you'll notice he is nameless) or anyone else on the phone who knows anything about BES and they refuse to let you talk to anyone who does. GO DADYY SUCKS for BES Exchange services, stay away at all costs.

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