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BlackBerry Master Control Program v1.0 Beta 2

Uploaded by Tevansny - 11-24-2010
Author Author Joe Jerde
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BlackBerry Master Control Program v1.0.0.0 beta 2

Changes in MCP 1.0 Beta 2 – 9/19/10
• In Beta 1 the BlackBerry Desktop Software (BBDS) icon would attempt
to load BBDS but it would later crash. This appeared to be fixed when
RIM updated it to Bundle 47. However, a prerequisite of the
old BBDS was that the “start in” folder be correctly set. In Beta 2
the correct value for “start in” folder is set prior to launching.
• On clean installations of MCP the correct BBDS path is set by defualt:
“program files\research in motion\blackberry desktop\rim.desktop.exe”
If your icon doesn’t correctly load BBDS, please use MCP Settings to
correctly define your rim.desktop.exe.
• Updated the BBDS icon
• Added intermediary support for new command with JavaLoader 6:
backupgroups, restoregroups, wait4device, dir -a and info -a.
These tools are currently only available on the Area 51 page.
• Downloads page completely overhauled:
New BlackBerry Desktop Software version listed: Bundle 47.
In Beta 1 BlackBerry USB and Modem Drivers were all listed N/A, fixed.
Links for dead items (BB Media Manager, etc.) removed.
• Roxio Media Manager icon replaced with MFI Multi-Loader
The bottom right icon on the left, changed since Roxio is now dead.
• Roxio Media Manager and BB Media Sync settings disabled
These settings are useless since both are depricated.
• All references changed from “Desktop Manager” to “Desktop Software”
• Build changed to 932, jadver now at
• Codename changed, again.




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