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Uploaded by Tevansny - 11-16-2010
Author Author BlackBerryOS
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11-21-2010 at 08:18 PM
Tried to install on Verizon Bold 9650. Desktop software installs fine and can do backups and various other tasks. When it tries to upgrade to OS 6, locks up on the reboot of the blackberry. Any work-arounds?
12-09-2010 at 02:05 PM
I'm not even able to get this update started. I've opened the EXE file and let it install onto my windows laptop. I get the prompt that it's finished, and it asks me whether or not I want to start up Blackberry Desktop Software. I check that box, click finish, and BB Desktop Software launches.

The problem is...when I hook up my 9650 to my laptop and pick "update device," it doesn't even show in my list of possible OS updates. The highest version it's showing currently is

12-28-2010 at 06:21 PM
The zipped file extracts fine and the installation seems to function correctly. Once I launch BlackBerry Desktop Manager (version 6), it doesn't see any updates. It seems to be the same problem as "richardgleeko" described above.

Any updates? Any word from Verizon when they will release OS 6 for the 9650 Bold officially?
12-29-2010 at 06:27 PM
Update to my comment yesterday...

After following the instructions at the "All In One Guide," located at http://www.blackberryos.com/forums/b...es-videos.html, I successfully installed the build on my Verizon BlackBerry 9650 Bold. It's running great! I definitely appreciate the new nuances within 6.0.0, such as the way the new emails pop to open and shrink when closing. The optical trackpad offers a nice way to view the different apps (All, Downloads, Favorites, Frequent, Media). I had been experiencing frequent "waits" while using know, the little clock icon would show up and you had to wait for it???

I'm not seeing any of those waits now, and the OS seems much snappier and responsive (on top of the nice UI). Great upgrade!
01-02-2011 at 01:16 PM
UPDATE: I realized that all I needed to do was delete the vendor.xml file from the RIM folder, and the OS was installed perfectly. Any word on a new OS coming soon? It is a new year, after all. Maybe something a little less power demanding? I noticed that my usage of the Bold kills the battery within 4-5 hours, max.
01-31-2011 at 08:45 AM
This update is officially obsolete for all Verizon Bold users as of1/25/11. OS released over the air this past Tuesday.

For Verizon users that aren't seeing this particular update, don't fret. Run a handset update, and it should prompt you to upgrade to Once you install that update, run update again and it should show as the most recent OS you can install on the handset. Install that, and you're good to go!

Or...you can just hook up your handset to your computer and run Blackberry Desktop Manager, where it will show there's an upgrade available (

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