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    Quote Originally Posted by acme anvil View Post
    Was able to find time today to do a partial update. I am back to Outlook 2007 but my sync is working again. Thanks for all the input and help.

    If I update to Outlook 2010 again (not sure yet) I'll post an update.
    I have finally got around to reinstalling Office 2010 TP and have completed my first sync without any issues.
    If I am unlucky enough to recreate this problem, I'll try to report back what caused the problem. I am thinking now that it may have had something to do with installation of the new version of DM. I uninstalled the previous version before installing the new version which may have caused issues with legacy paths in the registry. :dunno:

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    Had the same issue with Outlook 2010 release, searched all over for a solution, finally downgradeD 10 back to 07 and no more issues. Found other 3rd party gsyncit didn't work with 10 either.

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