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    Desktop Manager for Mac updated to v1.02

    Mac fans rejoice! RIM has updated Desktop Manager to version 1.02. Not a huge amount of bug fixes in this update but at least they are making progress. Take a look at the changes below.

    Fixes in 1.02
    • BlackBerry Desktop Manager attempted to change entries in Google Calendar using the safer sync option.
    • If you switched from synchronizing all contacts to selected groups, without selecting any group, contacts were deleted from your device.
    • A duplicate entry was created in Microsoft® Entourage® and the Apple address book after adding a Last Name for the contacts in the device and synchronizing your data.
    • Your contact's PIN number was deleted from the contacts list on your device after changing the contact entry in Entourage.
    • The "Display type" field was changed after synchronizing contacts again.
    • Some note entries were duplicated in Entourage and your device if you were also synchronizing with Apple Mail.

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    Hey nate,

    thanx for the post...gotta there anywhere that i can find Mac instructions on how to install hybrids? i need to be able to install hybrids for different BB's using mac OSX and also is it possible to install the OS leaks straight on a mac?
    hear from you soon hopefully

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