• Z10 Tip: Browser Shortcuts in OS 10.1

    While playing around with my Z10 this afternoon, I came across a new feature in BlackBerry 10.1. When viewing a webpage in the Browser, you can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate through the Browser. Anyone who has previously owned a BlackBerry with a physical keyboard should be familiar with these shortcuts, but in case you're not, here's the list.

    B - Bottom
    T - Top
    P - Previous Page
    N - Next Page
    L - Refresh
    K - Bookmarks
    H - History
    S - Search
    R - Reader Mode
    I - Zoom In
    O - Zoom Out
    Space - Scroll Down

    To bring up the keyboard, swipe up from the bottom with both thumbs at the same time. To make the keyboard disappear, swipe down with both thumbs from anywhere on the keyboard!

    Keep in mind that these shortcuts only work on OS 10.1 and will not work on 10.0.

    Will you be putting these shortcuts to use on your Z10? Let us know below!

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