• The Z10 Makes Up 5.3% Of All BlackBerry Web Traffic In North America

    After a product launches, the one thing everyone wants to know is how many people are using it. With the Z10, it's pretty much the same thing. Today, online ad networker Chikita's research division has published some interesting numbers that could indicate a good acceptance of BlackBerry 10 in North America.

    According to Chikita Insights, the BlackBerry Z10 is responsible for 5.3% of all North American BlackBerry traffic. The chart above shows the dates of the AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon launches and how after each launch, the percentage of web traffic from the Z10 has gone up.

    Now, this may sound like a low percentage, but when you compare these numbers to the iPhone 5's within the same time frame after its launch, it can be considered a pretty good sign for the Z10.

    The iPhone 5 shattered sales records, according to many, but it had only reached 12% of Apple's mobile traffic in the same period of time as this Z10 sample.

    Interesting to note that before the "U.S. Debut on AT&T" mark, the percentage of Z10 BlackBerry traffic was around 2.5% after 45 days of it being launched officially. These numbers are likely from Canada's carrier sales exclusively. Since the AT&T launch, more Z10's have been sold in North America (not just the U.S. or Canada alone) over 25 days, than in the first 45 days. How the percentages of each country break down is definitely something we'll keep an eye on.

    Even more encouraging is the fact that many speculate, and reasonably so, that the average customer is more likely to adopt the Q10 instead of the Z10, and that with that possibility, BlackBerry's biggest sales push is still yet to come. The QWERTY keyboard addicts that simply do not want to let their physical keys go may give BlackBerry Q10 the biggest bump in web traffic. Like with the Z10, only time will tell.

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