• You Have To Watch This Epic Multi-BlackBerry-Site Podcast From Last Night

    Last night, I was invited to join the N4BB Live podcast to talk about BlackBerry, obviously, and all the number of topics that come up within our favorite smartphone maker. What started out as a relatively smaller chat, ended up being one of the biggest collaborating podcasts I've seen in a good deal of time.

    Now, while I, of course, represented the bad ass BlackBerryOS.com, there were a few other sites well represented too. We had Vassilis Douros from GreekBerry.com, James from BerryFlow.com, and even the famous CrackBerry Kevin joined in the mix.

    All in all, we got a great chance to really talk about some of the biggest issues that BlackBerry has had to face over the last year or so. It started out a little negative, I'll admit, and we kind of had to let it all out; it's been tough recently, but it really showed throughout the podcast just how much passion we all have for the brand, the company, and our devices.

    In the end, we all agree that come whatever may come, we're going to keep the faith on BlackBerry. Until they stop selling phones, or get acquired, go private, or whatever may happen, we will keep the faith.

    Make sure you check out the video above because it ends up being a pretty insane discussion about literally everything BlackBerry-related. It's a bit long, be warned, but definitely worth it!

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