• Are You A Developer Waiting For A Red-Hot Limited Edition Device? Pull Up A Chair

    Image from BlackBerry Dev Blog

    With the BlackBerry 10 Launch event and BlackBerry Jam Europe out of the way, the BlackBerry Dev Blog has taken to answering some questions devs have been asking about the coveted serial-engraved red-hot Limited Edition Devices.

    From the dev blog post it self:

    Q. I applied for the BlackBerry 10 Limited Edition device, but haven’t received a confirmation email yet. When will I receive that?

    We are currently working through the backlog of registrations. All registrations need to be validated against the terms and conditions and once this is completed you will receive an email with your qualification status. This can take ten business days from when your application is approved for sale in BlackBerry World.

    Q. I’ve qualified for the BlackBerry 10 Limited Edition device – when will they ship?

    They will begin to ship within the next five to seven weeks.
    Yep, you read right. Developers who submitted apps before Jan 21 and were approved based on the program's terms and conditions, have to wait an additional five to seven weeks before the devices start to ship! Granted, it is an already awesome device that is an exclusive for BlackBerry developers who qualified for a Dev Alpha A/B early on, but that puts us well after all the consumer devices are scheduled to hit the US market. I personally know some devs who are sorely disappointed in the delay especially since many of them are now without a device to continue testing and developing apps on.

    On a more positive note, it seems that the Dev Alpha's close cousin the Dev Alpha C is right on track to ship in the following five to seven weeks. Developers who applied for the very limited Dev Alpha C program by the deadline should receive confirmation that they are qualified no later than February 28.

    Stay tuned as we're absolutely getting a hard-earned Limited Edition device developing apps for BlackBerry 10 and we'll do a full on close and personal review of the LE Z10...in five to seven weeks.

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