• Wuzzles-Guess The Rebus Puzzle Game

    I remember reading Games magazine in the late 70's and early 80's and loving the rebus puzzles they had. Some of them were easy and some of them were downright difficult. For those of you that don't know what a rebus is, it is a form of word play sometimes including images or positional wording to convey a message or hidden meaning. I'll give you an example: Christmas

    Xlabz has taken the rebus concept and brought it to the BlackBerry family by making Wuzzles. Wuzzles is a game of rebuses for your smartphone and it's incredibly addictive. It Brings back some great memories and with it challenges galore. I thoroughly enjoyed this game, and I am sure you will also.

    Some of the main of Wuzzles features are:

    • 10 amazing levels of word pun fun that will keep the users hooked for hours.
    • Each level has a mix of different rebus word puzzles.
    • Lifeline options like ’Remove a letter’ 'Reveal a letter' and 'Reveal Answer'.
    • Help options like Ask Facebook, Twitter and Instagram buddies.
    • sers can earn free coins by sharing the app & inviting their friends to play.
    • Leaderboard to help users compete with their friends by scoring high points.
    • Users can also earn coins and stars and unlock a variety of funky achievements.

    So, did you get the answer to the example? The answer is Blue Christmas.

    You can download Wuzzles from BlackBerry World here for your BlackBerry 10 phone or BlackBerry PlayBook for free.

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