• WordsPlus For BlackBerry 10 Is Built For BlackBerry Certified

    I came across an awesome word search game in BlackBerry World that I've been waiting to share with you all. It's called WordsPlus by developer Jason Carter. I'm addicted to word games, and WordsPlus has subdued my hunger. It's Built for BlackBerry certified, so you know it's going to be a quality game. And for only $0.99, you can go wrong.

    One of my favorite features about the app is how interactive it is. You can swipe across the letters to find your word. Or simply selecting items in the menu is fun. Also comes with some very pleasant background music to fill the airwaves while you play. Great all around game. And it's a native app as well, so very fast. Hit the download link below to get WordsPlus now, and check out my quick video review of the app.

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