• WIND Mobile Will Offer BlackBerry World Carrier Billing On BlackBerry 10

    WIND Mobile will now be able to offer carrier billing in the upcoming BlackBerry World due to it's partnering with Wmode's Affiliate Commerce Exchange platform. The press release says that this partnership will allow WIND the ability to offer their subscribers the option to purchase anything from apps, books, music, ect, from their smartphone. Just what we would expect with the upcoming release of BB World, which will be a all-in-one store. Check out the full press release below:

    Wmode's ACE Launches With WIND Mobile

    Wmode's payment and billing services provides single access point for 3rd parties

    CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Dec. 18, 2012) - Wmode has commercially launched Affiliate Commerce Exchange (ACE) with WIND Mobile. ACE will be integrated with WIND's billing systems to provide 3rd party app stores and content or service providers with a powerful solution, allowing WIND subscribers to put purchases of digital goods on their phone bill or pay using prepaid credit.

    The scalable and flexible solution Wmode is providing to WIND allows for greater flexibility as WIND grows their network and subscriber base. ACE will enable WIND Mobile to offer its subscribers Carrier Checkout for BlackBerry AppWorld and supports an integrated charge authorization model for other 3rd party billing partners. The solution also offers partners a powerful set of APIs for access control, subscriptions and event-based billing.
    With the support of these fully outsourced services from Wmode, WIND Mobile is now firmly planted in the app store and value added services space and provides support for an integrated and secure payments and charging infrastructure. After the initial launch with selected partners, WIND is now ready to quickly grow its app and content ecosystem and in the future open its network to third-party value added service providers through a single point of billing integration.

    "We are extremely pleased to be providing such a comprehensive payment solution to WIND Mobile. All these products will be a tightly integrated solution with WIND's systems. Wind is now equipped with an industry leading solution that will grow revenue for both WIND and their app partners", commented Tom Beaman, SVP of Sales and Marketing for Wmode.
    Commenting on the deal, Mirko Rugarli, Chief Marketing Officer, WIND Mobile said, "Wmode became our choice as a partner because of the breadth of what they could offer us. They were unique, in that they are able to provide us with a fully outsourced solution while at the same time minimizing the impact of integration with our network and billing systems. We're excited about this partnership and the benefits Wmode and ACE will bring for our customers."
    As leaders in the billing and payments space, Wmode caters to service providers, app providers and content providers with their comprehensive suite of payment technologies.

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