• Will The Samoa Turn Out To Be A BlackBerry Bold 9720?

    BlackBerry told us last week that a new BB7 device is on the way. We gave you guys some details about the device that's being codenamed Samoa last week as well, and today even more details have emerged!

    According to its UAProf document, this next device will be bringing back the 97xx series as its slated to be a Bold 9720. This 9720 will also feature a full QWERTY keyboard, as well as a 480x360 resolution, and for now it's said to be running OS 7.1.

    While it will definitely not be the most exciting device to come from BlackBerry in 2013, it is something that is necessary for those that love BIS and the legacy OS. Don't be surprised if BlackBerry manages to sell a lot of these even with the superior BlackBerry 10 OS competing against it.

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