• Will The BlackBerry L-Series/Z10 Have 2GB Of RAM?

    January 30th is only 39 days away and the anticipation of what will be announced by RIM gets more and more intense. Little by little, we're finding out more specs about the two devices that are expected to be introduced.

    From pictures, to the possible brand name, the BlackBerry Z10, this device is shaping up to be a super phone. The latest rumored specification comes from @uit_edu's twitter account. He claims the above picture shows an L-Series/Z10's internal hardware specs vs the Dev Alpha B's internal goodies. The big difference is that the Z10 is shown as having 2 (two) Gigabytes of RAM vs the Dev Alpha B's 1GB.

    Back in October, we heard about the Aristo, which is rumored to be packing 2GB of RAM as well. If this holds true, it seems that RIM decided to beef up the first wave of BlackBerry 10 devices instead of waiting for the second and third lines. I definitely approve.

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