• Wild West Shoot Em' Up Game, Cowboy Guns, Now For PlayBook

    The popular game for iOS, Cowboy Guns, has just hit the BlackBerry PlayBook! In this gorgeous top-down shooter, you assume the role of The Kid - but this game is anything but child’s play. Intense firefights, a multitude of era-specific weapons, and a playfully engaging narrative await you on your quest to rule the West.

    Game Features:

    • Multiple missions comprise story mode, including duels, shoot-outs, escort runs, and survival against major assaults.
    • Gun down enemies with authentic weapons from the Old West.
    • Spaghetti Western tunes immerse you in the grit of Hollywood's Old West.
    • Top-down view ensures you always have the best angle on the action.
    • Engrossing story scenes spin a rich yarn of life (and death) in the Wild West.

    You can pick this game up in App World for only $2.99. Currently it's only available for the PlayBook. Be sure to check out the demo Youtube video below as well!

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