• WiLAN Sues To Stop LTE BlackBerry Sales In The USA

    The Canadian firm WiLAN has filed suit against BlackBerry in US Court to stop the sales of all BlackBerry LTE devices, claiming patent infringement. In its suit, WiLAN claims that BlackBerry violated WiLAN's standard-essential patents of LTE capability.

    In their suit, WiLAN states that, U.S. Patent No. 8,274,991 on a "protocol for allocating upstream slots over a link in a point-to-multipoint communication system" is in violation.

    "The use of Defendants' LTE Products for uplink transmission over an LTE network results in performing a method for obtaining uplink transmission bandwidth as claimed in the '991 Patent. Upon information and belief, the protocol for making uplink bandwidth requests is a built-in capability that is automatically executed when a user uses Defendants' LTE Products to communicate over an LTE network."
    In a nutshell, WiLAN is stating that BlackBerry is encouraging end users to use LTE technology and in that, is instructing users to violate the patent. There is no court date set at this time.

    Source: Marketwire

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