- Wikitude Bringing Augmented Reality To Glasses
  • Wikitude Bringing Augmented Reality To Glasses

    With the advancements of products like Google Glass, there comes the ability for 3rd parties to provide the apps to power them. Wikitude is throwing their hat into the ring to become a leader in the field of Augmented Reality Glass. Check out the press release below for more:

    Salzburg, 11 April 2013 - As mobile technology continues its rapid advancement according to Moore’s law, the possibilities of moving towards the sci-fi novels and films of yesteryear are becoming less and less fiction, and more reality. Augmented reality.

    At Wikitude, we’re working everyday on making the future potential of mobile technology a reality now. We started out in 2008 as the first provider of augmented reality on smartphones, and since this time have spawned a revolution in the industry. It’s time to do it again with wearable AR technology.

    The industry has been excited and inspired by Google’s Project Glass, or Google Glasses, but more so about the possibilities inherent therein. Google Glass isn’t even readily available to the public yet, and there has already been talk about augmented reality display contact lenses and a concept film about what augmented life could be like.

    As the buzz around Google Glass grows, consumers can expect more and more wearable display technology to become present in their daily lives. Major consumer electronics firms including Apple, Canon, Epson, and Microsoft are already working on, or implied that they have wearable augmented reality displays in the works. Likewise, Epiphany, Laster, Optinvent, Recon Instruments, Vuzix are all players in the wearable display technology field, and have already developed and introduced some truly fascinating technology. As the leading augmented reality solutions provider, naturally, this is quite exciting for us.

    "Augmented Reality on a smartphone or a tablet is already such a cool and fascinating topic, but running applications on these new wearable devices brings AR to a totally new level and gives us a glance at how we will use mobile technology in the future. At Wikitude we are super excited to be at the center of this and see our ideas, thoughts and visions come to life," comments Wikitude CEO Martin Herdina.

    Why Wikitude on AR Glasses?

    With wearable augmented reality hardware in sight, Wikitude’s software assets are filling the gap for the next generation of both consumer as well as enterprise AR propositions. Over the course of the past 4+ years, Wikitude has grown from a points-of-interest app to a full fledged augmented reality platform, complete with 6,300+ AR mini apps, an AR navigation solution, a 21,000+ strong augmented reality developer network, 100+ million points of interest around the globe, and in-house technology that covers the entire gamut of possible augmented reality solutions. This includes an in-house R&D lab producing a proprietary image recognition and tracking engine and 3D content capabilities. The results of these developments are available today within the Wikitude SDK. This technology enables 3rd party app developers to take full advantage of simple yet powerful web technologies to build impressive augmented reality experiences.

    “The current AR ecosystem is a bit like a puzzle, for which wearable display hardware provides a major piece. The introduction of multiple AR glasses in 2013 will bring the vision of a natural and hands-free augmented world experience forward. We at Wikitude are ready for it with our proprietary computer vision technologies, our global content proposition covering value adding use cases, and an enthusiastic AR developer network waiting to jump on new hardware platforms and opportunities,” adds Andy Gstoll, CMO, Wikitude.

    About Wikitude®
    Wikitude GmbH is the creator of the world’s first mobile augmented reality (AR) platform available for smartphones, tablets and mobile eyewear devices. Wikitude has been voted “Best Augmented Reality Browser” for the past four years and “Best AR Developer Platform or Tool” in both 2011 and 2012. Its proprietary AR technology is available as an SDK for third party app development. The company is leading the international AR technology standardization by chairing the ARML 2.0 working group in the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Wikitude® is a registered trademark of Wikitude GmbH, more information here:

    Wikitude Social Media Channels:

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