• Why BlackBerry 10's Browser HTML5 Score Matters

    Possibly one of the most underrated things that's coming to BlackBerry 10 is a sick browser that loves HTML5 as well as any other mobile browser ever has. Some people may wonder why this is even relevant or important to us, but there's a couple of really good reasons why.

    Browsers are interpreters

    Think of browsers, whether on desktop or mobile, as an interpreter ready to translate the web to you. Web pages are made up of a lot of code that each different browser interprets and translates differently. As time has passed, more and more sites are adopting HTML5 as its main "language," per say. So when referring to HTML5 sites, the better the HTML5 score, the better the interpreter.

    As seen in the image above, BlackBerry 10's HTML5 capabilities will exceed the default browsers of their two main OS competitors, Android and iOS, by a lot.

    Old school BlackBerry mobile browsing sucked

    BlackBerry users haven't always had a great browser to work with. Many of us may remember mobile web browsing prior to RIM's acquisition of Torch Mobile and OS 6. If you just cringed thinking about it, then yes you do recall correctly, it sucked.

    In OS 6, it got better, and it again improved with OS 7, but BlackBerry 10's browser will bring it to a completely different level.

    Mobile sites vs mobile apps

    The "mobile sites vs mobile apps" argument isn't going anywhere, specially with mobile sites getting a lot better. Forbes recently chimed into the debate and, like many others, they tend to believe a "mobile sites over mobile apps" future is where we're all heading. Whether or not this turns out to be accurate remains to be seen, but one thing is certain, having a browser on our devices that's ready for this movement is another huge win.

    No app? No problem!

    We all want a ton of apps on BlackBerry 10. I can't think of anyone that would say no to more apps. RIM's Dev Relations team is busting their ass trying to get us these awesome apps that still haven't joined the BB10 movement and hopefully they will. However, many don't know that some of your favorite or even undiscovered apps are accessible right now on our mobile browser.

    For example, there's an app called Untappd that also doubles as a pretty cool site. It's a "social network" type of app that lets you check-in, similar to foursquare, whenever you have a certain beer. You can search/add friends, comment/toast, share your check-ins over other social networks; etc.

    Unfortunately, Untappd hasn't made an app for current the BlackBerry OS and we still don't know whether they'll make it for BlackBerry 10. But if you do want to join and use Untappd all you need to do is go to m.untappd.com on your mobile browser and use the mobile site instead. It pretty much allows you to do everything you can do on their app but it's just on the browser instead.

    Untappd isn't the only example of good mobile site that has an app either. Twitter, and YouTube, for example, have great HTML5 mobile sites that many use instead of "an app" on a daily basis.

    An OS' mobile browser may be one of the most underrated part of the whole experience but it definitely shouldn't be forgotten. While it's cool to have an app for everything, it's even cooler not having to need an app for everything, and RIM is making sure the BlackBerry 10 experience is as versatile as any mobile platform ever has been for its users.

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