• White Classic Available in UAE and UK

    Do you live in the United Arab Emirates or the United Kingdom? Good news! You can buy the white BlackBerry Classic as of right now. For those in the UAE you can grab one at the BlackBerry store in the Dubai Mall and from other leading telecom retail stores for the measley retail price of 1799 AED. For those in the UK you can visit ShopBlackBerry.com, Mobile Phones Direct, or Clover Technology and it will be available from Amazon.com in the next few days or so.

    If you've been holding onto that 9900, here's what you get when you upgrade to the Classic:

    • Three times faster browser
    • 60 percent more screen space
    • 50 percent longer battery life
    • Greater variety of applications through BlackBerry® World® storefront and the Amazon Appstore
    If you're on the fence about it, check out our review of the black Classic.

    You can read the UAE and the UK press releases too.

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