• White BlackBerry Bold 9900 Coming To Vodafone UK

    Holy moley!! The white BlackBerry Bold 9900 trend has spread! There is hard copy proof that the BlackBerry Bold 9900 will be sold in white with a two year contract for £39 by Vodafone UK. If you remember from my post about Rogers getting the white Bold 9900, you'll know just how much I want one of my own. Granted, this phenomenon isn't spreading quite in the direction I had hoped, but it is spreading nonetheless! You can count on me to continue crossing my fingers and wishing on 11:11:11 until AT&T finally announces that they are going to sell the 9900 in white. It may be dorky, but I most definitely told my dad over dinner that while yes, I would give my left foot for the Bold 9900, I would probably give both my feet for it in white.
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