• Where's My Bus? - Real-time Transit Info For The NextBus System

    Where's My Bus? aims to provide riders of the various public transit systems around North America services by the NextBus system a simple and elegant means of viewing real-time transit information, as well as any service announcements in effect. Where's My Bus? is available for the BlackBerry Z10 for only $0.99 via BlackBerry World.

    - Select an Agency, Route, Direction, and then Stop to view an interactive map of the stop and nearby bus locations, as well as a list of the next upcoming bus arrival/departure times
    - Service announcements will be overlaid on top of the map if active
    - Press and hold an Agency, Route, or Stop to add it as a favorite for quick navigation
    - Application Cover/Active Frame while viewing a stop will change to a simple display of the next 3 bus arrival/departure times (note: make sure to configure refresh interval settings and do not leave the app running when you are not using it to conserve battery life)
    - Swipe down from the top to view application help or configure settings such as refresh intervals for the Next Bus Page and Application Cover view

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