• When You Are Seeking Attention Seeking Alpha At Least Get With The Facts, QNX Neutrino Was Not Hacked!

    Recently the website Seeking Alpha published a story which speculated on BlackBerry’s role on the remote exploitation of 1.4 Million vehicles that may be affected by the vulnerability of their infotainment systems.

    So two security researchers were able to hack into the vehicles systems and remotely take control of their dashboard functions, steering, transmission and brakes. The vehicles are namely Jeep, Fiat and Chrysler fitted with the operating system QNX Neutrino OS, supplied by BlackBerry’s subsidiary QNX Software Systems. The story by Seeking Alpha puts the hack vulnerability at the heart of QNX Systems.

    BlackBerry have set the record straight on their BlackBerry Fact Check that clearly states that QNX Neutrino OS was not hacked. The infotainment system in question has several software components in addition to the OS and the vulnerability came about through certain architecture and software components that are not in any way related to the QNX Neutrino OS.

    BlackBerry further states that it is true that in any computing environment, the OS can play a key role in ensuring reliability and security, however the same two security researchers who uncovered this vulnerability have clearly stated that this weakness exploited was not due to the QNX Neutrino OS.

    What needs to be taken note of is that the automaker, the infotainment system supplier and the cellular carriers that connects these vehicles to the internet have taken the appropriate measures in order to block the unauthorized entry to these systems. BlackBerry’s QNX Neutrino OS has been deployed to more than 60 million cars; and connected cars are the future which BlackBerry is proud of being the leader in; through QNX and BlackBerry IoT.

    BlackBerry Fact Check is a place where BlackBerry sets the story straight on their products and Company. This is where misinformation, inaccuracies and misleading comments or rumors that lead to uncertainty are dealt with by presenting the facts directly. Check it out on social media #BBFactCheck

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