• WhatsApp: "No Plans To Support BlackBerry 10 At The Moment"

    The BlackBerry-friendly side of Mobile Nations, CrackBerry, got a heads up from one of the biggest cross platform messaging apps, WhatsApp, about their future with BlackBerry. Unfortunately, it doesn't look good.

    "The member of the Whatsapp team that got back to me said "We have no plans to support BlackBerry 10 at the moment, sorry.""


    I'll admit it, I don't use WhatsApp. I actually just downloaded it for the first time the other day and it's been sitting on my BlackBerry without much use. Unfortunately for many, the news that WhatsApp will not be coming to BlackBerry 10 at the moment will definitely be a sour note. Despite its idiotic name, WhatsApp is loved by millions of people that wish to communicate with friends and family members on other smartphone platforms.

    Hopefully, WhatsApp changes their mind after the launch of BlackBerry 10, once sales pick up. Till then, we'll have to resort to other cross platform messaging services instead or we could just convince everyone to get a BlackBerry 10 device so we can add them on BBM.

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