• WhatsApp Messenger v2.9.4662.0 Now Available For Download, Brings Features And Availability On Verizon BlackBerry Z10s

    A new update has been pushed to BlackBerry World from WhatsApp for their native BB10 app. This new update actually ties in a couple of different things quite nicely.

    Last week, we wrote a piece about Verizon's old OS that came with their Z10. According to a few people we've talked to, VZW's Z10 does have the correct 10.0.10.xxx OS, but it just wasn't labeled as such. This caused some problems when downloading apps, like WhatsApp, for example. I'm not exactly sure how much I believed the whole OS mislabeling, but then it was corroborated by BlackBerry Product Manager, Michael Clewley via Twitter.

    He also mentioned WhatsApp would be available this week for Verizon Z10s, as WhatsApp made the necessary adjustments to not require a 10.0.10 OS. Lo and behold, now it's actually here. Verizon Z10ers can now head to BlackBerry World and download WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10. No OS update required.

    Note: The app description does say that you need v10.0.10.82, but that is no longer the case with Verizon Z10s.

    If you already have WhatsApp, then v2.9.4662.0 will considered an update for you so make sure you go to the link below to upgrade. You can also check out the change log for a full list of what's new:
    • Added many context menu actions to chat messages and contact items.
    • Added "Add" and "Block" actions to chats with unknown contacts.
    • Added "Email conversation" feature to the chat list context menu.
    • Improved Send Location feature.
    • Various bug fixes, including blocked contacts, profile photos and contact status.
    • Added languages (French, Italian).

    Download WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 in BlackBerry World

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