- What's New In The BlackBerry 10.1 MR Update
  • What's New In The BlackBerry 10.1 MR Update

    While we're all kept salivating and waiting for BlackBerry 10.2 to land on our phones, BlackBerry have just released a maintenance release of 10.1 featuring a wide range of enhancements.

    As with previous updates, we'll be seeing a staggered release across the world:
    • Asia Pacific: Starting July 29th
    • Canada: Starting July 29th
    • EMEA: Starting July 29th
    • Latin America: Starting Mid-August*
    • U.S.: Starting End of Summer

    So keep your eyes peeled, and check out the changes below!

    • Next/previous message navigation shortcut: use a simple gesture to quickly move to the last or next message without having to return to the full message list. Within any message in the BlackBerry® Hub:

      • Swipe to the right and then down (like an upside-down L) to move forward to the next message
      • Swipe to the right and then up (like a backwards L) to move back to the previous message

    • Keyboard shortcut for last unread message: on the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone, pressing the “U” key in the BlackBerry Hub will take you to the last unread message
    • Email synchronization: ActiveSync and IMAP email users can adjust syncing preferences to keep emails on their BlackBerry® smartphone for an unlimited time period
    • Two factor authentication for Twitter and LinkedIn: to improve security, if you have two factor authentication enabled for LinkedIn and Twitter, you’ll be sent a verification ID via a text message that you’ll enter into the settings when setting up those accounts
    • Addition of a search field in BlackBerry® Remember: quickly search for items in the app
    • Support for simple passwords: simplified password entry from the lock screen and work space authentication prompts. The simple password feature utilizes a reduced keyboard layout containing only numeric characters and allows you to set a numeric PIN for your smartphone or work space password
    • New interactive tutorials:
      • Tutorial topics: swipe up from the bottom to close an app, swipe down from the top to reveal settings
      • Each tutorial provides text instructions and an opportunity to perform the gesture

    • IT policy to separate work and personal accounts in the BlackBerry Hub:
      • BlackBerry Hub Work displays only work-related accounts, like a work email account and enterprise instant messaging
      • BlackBerry Hub Personal displays only personal-related accounts, like a personal email account, SMS, BBM™, phone calls and social media apps

    • Input support for “strokes” for Simplified and Traditional Chinese
    • Input and UI translation for Korean
    • Updates for applications:
      • BlackBerry® World™:
        • Ability to view video previews in landscape mode via HDMI out
        • UX enhancements
        • Recently viewed:
          • See up to the last 12 pieces of content you’ve viewed
          • Clear all recently viewed items or remove individual ones by long pressing and selecting delete viewed item from the context menu
          • Enable a private browsing mode that will disable both recent search tracking and recently viewed

        • My Wishlist:
          • Add items to your wish list from a content details page
          • Add up to 48 items to your wish list. When the 49th item is added, the first item added to the list is automatically removed

      • Facebook:
        • Newsfeed UI refresh
        • Ability to create a photo album before uploading a photo and upload a photo to a specific album
        • Ability to tag friends in photos that were previously uploaded

      • Twitter:
        • Content is automatically updated in all tabs without having to manually refresh
        • Improved search for top tweets, photos and related profiles

      • LinkedIn:
        • Import and invite contacts from your personal email address to connect on LinkedIn through the new Add Connections page in settings
        • Easily view the number of unread messages and invitations from the inbox page
        • UI improvements
        • View the details of companies you follow and follow suggested companies
        • Delete and archive messages in the inbox
        • See the most recent updates from your network when the app is minimized in Active Frames
        • Change your profile photo from the You page, the full screen view of your photo or the native picture viewer
        • Search by connection name, headline and company

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