- What's In A Name? RIM Confirms "L-Series" Naming Scheme
  • What's In A Name? RIM Confirms "L-Series" Naming Scheme

    As early as May of this year we caught wind of the code names of some of the upcoming BlackBerry devices hidden within the Dev Alpha's file system including the "London" as well as the "Naples" and "Nevada" mystery devices. Shortly after, we saw some leaked slides solidifying the case for the "L-Series" all touch devices and the "N-Series" QWERTY devices. Despite the upcoming devices being referred as such since the end of June across all media outlets, RIM has declined to "confirm or deny" this naming convention.

    But that has recently changed. During BBJam Asia, we learned more about the requirements to be eligible for a limited edition BlackBerry 10 device. In studying the terms and conditions for qualifying, we noticed RIM has in fact started using the "L-Series" naming scheme.

    Under section 5.11(b) in the "Terms and Conditions for the BlackBerry 10 Trade-Up Offer" it mentions:

    b) Devices will be covered under a one (1) year warranty by Sponsor; if a replacement device is required, it will be replaced with another Device, if available. Sponsor reserves the right to substitute with a regular BlackBerry 10 L-series device if supplies of the Devices has depleted.
    We have heard from the grapevine we should expect at least seven more devices to come after the January 30 launch event. The fact that RIM is acknowledging the L-Series name now doesn't tell us how many will be all touch, QWERTY or tablets. But it's a pretty big deal that RIM has confirmed it as a "series" or family of devices as is the current Bold, Curve and Torch lineups.

    Other than some leaked images at the end of July of the mythical 10" PlayBook, we yet have to hear what will become of the PlayBook family of tablets. It is almost certain that by now, the leaked roadmap mentioning a "Winchester" device back in July has changed.

    At this point only time will tell, so let's get the rest of these devices out to the masses!

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