• What PlayBook Features Work Over Bridge & Wi-Fi

    After a very successful BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 launch today, you may still be wondering which of these new apps will work on WiFi or Bridge.

    RIM has been really secretive in the past of what will/will not work when bridged. With the release of OS 2.0, we now can see some knowledge base documentation for Bridge.

    Application Behavior
    App World Wi-Fi connection is required
    Video Chat Wi-Fi connection is required
    Music Store Able to browse catalog. Unable to download or play a sample song.
    Kobo Books Wi-Fi connection is required
    NFB Able to browse the catalog. Unable to play video.
    Bing Maps Unable to find location when indoors.
    Camera Unable to find location when indoors
    General Third Party Applications
    May vary depending if application is specifically requires Wi-Fi.
    Native Email
    ActiveSync acounts are fully supported. IMAP/POP accounts requires Wi-Fi

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