• What do you want the first QNX device to look like? [fan made picture]

    Before you all get excited, this is NOT a real BlackBerry device. This is a fan's rendition of what they think the device should look like that was found in the CB forums. It did get me thinking though, if I could design the first BlackBerry QNX device, what would it be like? Would it be full touchscreen? Would it have a keyboard? What kind of (s) would it have?

    Personally, I think a Mini-PlayBook looking BlackBerry would be perfect. I love my PlayBook and having a front and back facing cameras is a must for any new phone in 2011. I would love to see RIM attempt to incorporate the bezel gestures onto a BlackBerry smartphone without it affecting screen size too much as well. If this were the case, I think a full touchscreen device would work extremely well in the new QNX line.

    As a fan of the Torch 9810 though, I am partial to also having a physical QWERTY keyboard on the device. I've never owned a full touchscreen phone and can't imagine ever not having a keyboard to type on. It's obvious Research In Motion will be taking a huge risk whichever way they decide to go in terms of the form factor of this future device.
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