• What Is Different About This Picture?

    Notice anything special about the photo above? Yes!! It's John Chen...wearing a T-Mobile shirt to celebrate the reconciliation of BlackBerry and T-Mobile. BlackBerry CEO John Chen is seen wearing a black and magenta T-Mobile shirt and holding a BlackBerry Classic. This happened about a week ago.

    Notice anything else about the picture? Go ahead...take a good look. We'll wait.

    Anything? Maybe you noticed, maybe you haven't. Maybe you're saying "Big deal."

    Well, for those of you who haven't noticed, take a closer look at John Chen.

    See what he's holding? Yep..it's a BLUE BlackBerry Classic!

    When BlackBerry introduced the Classic they mentioned multiple colors would be available for the Classic including the traditional Black, White, Bronze/Copper and Blue. Since the announcement of the BlackBerry Classic, BlackBerry has been mum on the other colors and just recently released the White version of the Classic.

    Hopefully with the release of the above image, we will be seeing the Blue Classic and the Copper/Bronze variant as well very soon.

    Will you buy the Blue BlackBerry Classic? Let us know in the comments below.

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