- Web Design Cheat Sheet For BlackBerry 10 Updated To v2.1 In BlackBerry World
  • Web Design Cheat Sheet For BlackBerry 10 Updated To v2.1 In BlackBerry World

    Developing apps is very challenging. Most devs like having a little cheat sheet to help them out once in a while with coding. With that in mind, our good friend Alex Bass from CyberBytes Design has let us know his awesome Web Design Cheat Sheet app has been updated in BlackBerry World with a lot of new goodies.

    If you're curious about Web Design Cheat Sheet, check out our interview with Alex back at BlackBerry Live in May where he explains his app in detail. Check out the change log for v2.1 below!

    Change log - Web Design Cheat Sheet v2.1

    Major (PAID):
    Added PAID 'Resources' Section Within HTML5
    Fully Functional HTML5 Editor/Previewer
    - Ability to Preview the Output
    - Remembers Code on Exit
    - Ability to Add CSS
    - Predefined Templates
    - Additional Quick Code Buttons
    Video Tutorials
    - 21 Step by Step Tutorials
    Introductory HTML5 Resources
    - 16 Chapters from W3Schools
    Quick Links
    - HTML5 Rocks 'Quick Resources' Link
    - Wikipedia Link for HTML5
    (Please Check Below for any Known Bugs)

    Major (FREE):
    Added an Editor/Previewer in the HTML5 Element Pages
    - Ability to See Rendered Output & Edit Input for Each Element Example
    - (Landscape Orientation Supported in Preview)
    Added Additional Resources Within HTML5 Elements
    - 'SitePoint'
    - 'W3Consortium'
    - ''
    - 'W3Schools'
    Allow Sorting Within Site Feeds
    - 'All'
    - 'Design'
    - 'Development'
    - (Click the Titlebar to Filter)
    Landscape Orientation Now Supported in WebViews
    - (Available Within Editor Preview, W3Schools, Site Feed Articles, etc.)
    Q10/Q5 Keyboard Shortcuts Added
    Entirely Revamped the 'About' Page

    Share Functionality Added to HTML5 Pages
    - Intro Resources, Editor, and W3Schools WebViews
    Reader Mode Functionality Added to HTML5 Pages
    - W3Schools Element WebViews
    Added "To Top" Action Item in WebView
    Disabled 'Reader Mode' for Unsupported Pages
    Added Additional Site Feeds
    Reader Mode Button no Longer Disabled During Page Load
    Changed How Loading Works for Reader Mode
    Cleaned Up Code
    - Smoother Experience
    Minor UI Changes

    Known Bugs:
    Playing Video Sometimes Results in Audio Only Playback
    - Workaround: Back Out of Video & Refresh Page
    - (Issue on BlackBerry's Side, I Contacted Them About This Bug - Sorry!)
    WebView Goes Black After Backing Out of Video
    - Workaround: Back Out of WebView Page & Reopen it
    - (Fixed on Newer Versions of 10.1)
    Reader Mode Sometimes Results in 502 Error
    - Workaround: Back Out of WebView Page & Reopen it
    - May Have to Do This Multiple Times*
    - Currently A Bug on Instapaper's End, Looking for Fix

    Now, if this change log doesn't show you how much Alex has been working on this app, I don't know what to tell you. The work doesn't end there. We've also been told that the next version of Web Design Cheat Sheet is going to have an entirely new redesigned UI, and a CSS3 section as well.

    If you're a developer, this is definitely one of those must have apps, so if you haven't gotten it already, make sure you hit the link below and pick it up today!

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