• We Sit Poolside With Magmic At BB Live To Demo Texas Hold'em King Using NFC & BBM Integration

    We got together with Phil and Troy from Magmic to get an exclusive BlackBerry Live poolside demo of Texas Hold'em King for BlackBerry 10! We demonstrate how the poker game has a unique invite system that is BBM and NFC integrated, making it easy as pie to play with all your buddies. Within just a few seconds, we were all playing against each other on the same poker table, without having to be at the same table!

    And if you are switching to BlackBerry 10 from your old BlackBerry, all you have to do is log in with your existing account and bring your bankroll with you. As well, you can still play online with all your old buddies that haven't moved to BlackBerry 10 yet (they just won't have all the cool features that you do).

    Be sure to check out the above video so you don't miss out on all the crazy stuff that happens. In the video, Magmic also reveals a little about what they have coming in the future for the game.

    Texas Hold'em King is currently available FREE to download for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10, and PlayBook in BlackBerry World.

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