• Want Netflix For Your PlayBook? Sign The Petition Today!

    A few days ago, to put it lightly, havoc broke out on Twitter as PlayBook users galore basically ambushed @Netflixhelps. Why you ask? Because Netflix is yet to be available for our precious tablets, and that's just not sitting nicely with most, if not all, PlayBook and Netflix lovers alike. What started as a disastrous tweet stating that Netflix had no real intention of ever bringing a Netflix app to BlackBerry devices, became such a colossal uproar that Alex Saunders himself politely attempted to call off the attack. While the tweets presumably slowed about how angry PlayBook owners were, off to the side, other things were brewing. Since then, a petition to have a Netflix app for PlayBook has promptly begun its way around the BlackBerry community. Even Alex Saunders retweeted with a link to where you can sign. Whether this pertains to you now, in the future, or not even a tiddly bit, help a PlayBook owner out and sign the petition! As of right now, only 500 signatures needed remain.
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