• Walmart Jumping On The PlayBook Price-Slashing Train

    For as long as I can remember, Walmart has always been known for their amazing ability to reduce prices lower than most, if not all, other competitors. As for the PlayBook prices, the Canadian Walmarts seem to be slightly decreasing the prices of the PlayBooks. Well, they are for two. I recently wrote about Staples cutting PlayBook prices but Walmart only beat two of those prices... And only just barely. Walmart cut the prices of the 16GB and 64GB by one less dollar than Staples. That's $198 and $398 at Walmart, as compared to $199 and $399 at Staples. The 32GB however is dramatically different. Staples wins this one at $249, while Walmart is selling for $298. For now, these rolled back prices are only available in Canada. Starting in Quebec stores from November 16th to the 22nd, then on to the rest of Canada on the 18th through the 24th.
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