• Wakeful the Talking Alarm Clock Is Shutting It Down

    You might remember Wakeful, or maybe not. It lovingly woke you up to the sound of the current weather conditions and top news and you were still groggy that early in the morning. I must say if there is a talking alarm clock I'm going to miss, this is the one. In an email that went out to its users earlier today, the development team attributes this decision to increasing server and maintenance costs. There currently are no specifics as to when the services will shut down for good, or if it already has. The official site for the app only shows the image above, along with a demo video of how Wakeful works.

    Its sad to see this app go, but on a positive note, they will continue to develop Compilr. An app designed to help you learn how to code and compile it all in the web. All the best to them. Do you have a replacement option to Wakeful? Let us know in the comments.

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